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Who’s on the motorists side?

The 2015 general election is on the horizon, but how are politicians planning to fix our roads, cut motoring costs and help drivers? With the European Elections on 22 May, and the General Election date set for 7 May 2015, Auto Express has asked four political parties...

Is the BMW i8 the future?

The BMW i8 could be the supercar of the future, a hybrid 2+2 coupe with price and performance figures to match a Porsche 911 or Audi R8 but CO2 emissions that equal a plug-in Prius.We’ve never seen anything quite like this and given the technology on offer, its...

Twisted Land Rover Defender

The next step in Twisted’s slow-burning plan to transform the once humble Defender into a do-it-all upmarket offering. Previously – leaving its brilliant V8-engined offering aside – the Yorkshire-based tuner had contented itself with modifying Land...
Roadwork misery

Roadwork misery

Around 25,000 incomplete roadworks currently on British roads, covering 2,387 miles There are almost 25,000 incomplete roadworks projects currently across the UK, according to research by breakdown company LV= Road Rescue. The unfinished projects covers an estimated...
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