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Company Information

Intervac Design Corp was founded in 1998 by Peter and Susan Schlapkohl with the belief that the only way to provide the best product possible is to control what goes into the product. That’s why we test every InterVac before it leaves the factory and strive to advance our product through better technology and with better ideas.
     We are constantly improving our automated production line and are working on installing robots to lower the assembly time and cost. It not only speeds up the production but also improves the quality. In today’s world we have to take advantage of these technologies.
     InterVac Design carries this philosophy through every facet of their engineering and manufacturing. So, when people said it was impossible to combine a powerful compact motor and micron filtration into a built-in vacuum cleaner that was compact enough to fit inside a 2×4 stud wall, InterVac set out to prove them wrong. In 2001 we received our first utility patent for this design. By taking the features of a traditional central vacuum system and a canister or upright vacuum, a hybrid system was born, the InterVac.
     We fill the niche where the traditional central vacuums that require piping are not cost effective, such as condos, apartments etc. Each InterVac unit cleans an area of 900 to 1300 square feet depending on the layout. For small spaces as in R/Vs and boats we supply our 40 foot stretch hose. For larger square footage areas, like homes, the traditional crush-proof vacuum hose is recommended.
     We are building two different types of cleaners:
     1) The models H and F for flush or surface mounting with an on/off switch.
     2) The model RM for remote installations with inlet valve and automatic start.
      With the convenient portability of the H-model and many installation options the InterVac can be taken anywhere: from the home or garage to the boat, R/V or cottage,
      InterVac has enjoyed steady growth in the US as well as Europe, Asia and South America. In 2004, the company moved to Palm City, Florida, and expanded its operation to accommodate these new markets.
      In 2006, the Western Retail Lumber & Hardware Association trade show in Canada, selected the InterVac as the best new foreign product out of 600 exhibitors.
     In late 2008 we added the GarageVac models GH and GF to our product line and introduced it at the VDTA Show in Las Vegas and the SEMA Automotive Accessory Show also in Las Vegas.

2009 saw Intervac Design Germany launch and in 2010 InterVac Design UK was created as the authorised factory importer and distributor for the United Kingdom.