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EU Pricing

We at InterVac aim for an open relationship with you, our customer. You may well have looked at our USA web site and seen the prices detailed there, which are lower than those on our UK web site. There are number of factors which have led to this, in the interest of transparency these include:

UK specification motor

The motor used in our 110v US vacuum is a heavy duty domestic application motor. This motor is a unique fit into the injection moulded body of the vacuum. There is no demand for this motor in 240v form, as the US is not a volume exporter of domestic vacuum cleaners. We therefore have to build our 240v vacuum with the commercial grade version of the motor, which commands a higher price. The 240v motor is specified with long life graphite carbon brushes, heavy duty windings and bearings. An unavoidable case of over engineering.

EEC regulation power cord with UK 3 pin plug and electrical interference suppression circuit

The plug is not a popular component within the USA. As for the suppression circit we don’t consider it necessary, Brussels does, so we have to fit one.


Although we ship in bulk the physical cost of bringing the units ‘across the pond’ reflects in the UK retail price.

EEC Import duty

All USA manufactured electrical goods have an import duty surcharge imposed on them when entering any EU member state.

UK mainland delivery

UK delivery is included in the retail price. Our USA site charges delivery as an extra at the checkout, this is because the delivery price is calculated taking into account the distance the package is shipped within the USA.


The dreaded 20% VAT is included in our retail price. The USA equivalent, State Sales Tax, is not shown on the headline pricing on our US web site and is added at the final stage of the checkout process.
All units shipped from our UK warehouse are built in our Florida factory, meet CE European Approval and are certified for sale and use in the EU. They are not retro-conversions nor do they require the use of a step down transformer.
6 year European wide motor warranty applies to 240v units sold in the EU.