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My vacuum cleaner stopped running. What should I do?

Sounds like the motor over heated, but don’t worry no harm has been done. We’ve build a cleaver device in which cuts the power to the motor if it’s about to get too hot and damage itself. This re-sets in about an hour or so. Just remember to switch the power off otherwise you’ll come back to find the vacuum whirring away.

What causes the vacuum to over heat?

Then 3 most common reasons for the protection device to kick-in are:

A full bag – Simply change the bag.

A blocked hose – Try pushing a hose pipe down from the end which goes into the GarageVac. If really blocked turn the water on to flush the debris out. Remember to hang the hose up to dry thoroughly if it’s been flushed with water, otherwise the remaining water will short out the electric motor, and this type of damage is not covered by the warranty.

Over zealous vacuuming – This often occurs if cleaning a large area with one of the tools. For example if flour has been spilt on the boot carpet and the standard crevice tool is being pressed hard into the carpet. Not enough air can be sucked up to keep the motor cool. If doing this type of vacuuming, simply lift the tool off for 5-10 seconds every so often so the motor get a blast of cool air.


Does the GarageVac meet the new EU Regulation?

The GarageVac is exempt from the EU regulation 666/2013 effective from 1st September 2014. As its a non movable (fixed) unit (Article 1.2a).

It does however meet the criteria laid down in the regulation with regard to motor electrical wattage, as it is fitted with a 1400 watts.

Air watts, what are they?

Air Watts are the vacuum industry’s equivalent of a car engine’s Brake Horse Power rating.
As car engine engineering has advanced, smaller cc engines now produce the BHP that a much large cc engine would have been needed for a few years ago.
Similar advances have been made in electrical motors which vacuum cleaners use and the overall efficiency of a cleaners design. So comparing a vacuum cleaners ability to clean solely on the electrical wattage of the motor fitted no longer accurately reflects the cleaner’s suction power.
This is where Air Watts come in. The Air Watt of a vacuum is calculated by a simple formula:
CFM x Water Lift / 8.5 = Air Watts
CFM is the Cubic Feet of Air per Minute the machine can move; the better this Airflow is the more dirt the cleaner can pick up.
WATER LIFT measures the cleaners ability to lift (see our bowling ball video) , it used to be measured using a water gauge, hence the term Water Lift, but is now measured by a Vacuum Gauge.

So What Air Watt Rating Should I be Looking For?

Upright vacuum cleaners with a motor driven carpet beater roller need a minimum of 100 Air Watts.
Cylinder vacuum cleaners with no beater roller need a higher minimum of 200 Air Watts to lift the dirt away.

Rechargeable and 12 volt vacuums only produce a fraction of this power, averaging around the mid 20’s in Air Watts. They’re great for quick light tasks, but the reality is you could achieve the same results with a dust pan and brush.

GarageVac’s design produces 530 Air Watts of cleaning power allowing it to easily tackle even the most ground in dirt. We measure our suction power at the hose nozzle when fully extended.

What tools ship with the GarageVac?

You get: a powder coated aluminium adjustable height ‘wand’ (not a cheap plastic one); a handy wall clip to store the wand, a floor tool for use on hard surfaces vehicle carpets etc; an upholstery tool with removal bristle brush head ideal for car seats; a crevice tool, a soft ‘dash’ brush for dashboards and a special ‘snake’ pipe which is used to get into clean those hard to get areas such as the space between the car door sill and seat. The top tool caddy stores these tools for easy access.

What voltage does it run on?

GarageVac’s supplied via the UK run on 230/240v 50hz mains electricity so are suitable for European use.

What plug is fitted?

A UK three pin moulded plug is fitted.
Garagevac’s shipped to the EU come with a UK to EU plug adaptor FOC?
There is an access hatch on the side to enable the power cable and plug to be changed, or to ‘hard wire’ the unit into the mains electricity supply.
Please note that changing the cable/plug requires the cutting of wires and work should only be undertaken by a competent person.

How easy is it to buy replacement bags?

Very, either from your local GarageVac distributor or on-line. The bags ship as a pack of 5 and include additional power unit filters. These are HEPA filter bags and not inferior quality paper based bags.

How long will it take to install my GarageVac?

The surface mounted vacuum unit takes about 10 minutes a template is provided to get the screw holes in the right place!

What is the advantage of a wall mounted vacuum?

Because the power unit is stationary, there is no heavy vacuum cleaner to lift or drag and no closet space is required for storage. The vacuums last much longer than canisters or uprights because they are stationary, which means they are not being banged against walls etc, protecting your vacuum cleaner and your car. It also extends the life of your vacuum cleaner.

How powerful is the vacuum cleaner?

3.5 kgs (8 pounds), depending on the type of debris. The patented ribbed vacuum chamber allows the bag to fill completely without collapsing, thereby utilising the entire bag.

How much dust does the bag hold?

3.5 kgs (8 pounds), depending on the type of debris. The patented ribbed vacuum bag chamber allows the bag to fill completely without collapsing, thereby utilizing the entire bag.

What type of filtration does interVac have?

interVac comes standard with a five layer HEPA type filtration system that filters up to 99.97% of dirt, dust and allergens down to 3 microns in size. Great for allergy sufferers.

If I have a surface mounted unit, can I use it in other places?

Yes, the GarageVac also be portable. So now you can move your central vacuum between the garage, motorhome, caravan, boat or cottage.

The swivel nozzle has come off?

The swivel nozzle which is on the end of the hose were the tools  go and it is screwed onto the spiral hose. Sometimes this nozzle detaches.

This can happen if you hold the fixed end of the nozzle  (the gnarled end) were the hose goes in. Best practice is to hold the swivel part of the nozzle.

The factory used to glue the nozzle onto the hose to avoid this, however customer feedback led us to change the process and simply screw the nozzle onto the hose.

The feedback was that in time (a number of years usage) the hose can fray were it is screwed into the nozzle, if the nozzle is glued  on then the nozzle needs to be cut of and a new nozzle purchased and screwed onto the remaining hose, only about 1″ (25mm) of the hose is lost during this process.

If the nozzle is not glued onto the hose, it is a simple case of removing it, trimming the hose down and the re-screwing the nozzle back on. A 10minute job, no cost and no waiting for a spare part to be delivered.

Please note that the nozzle is a reverse thread (i.e. it screws on in an anti-clockwise direction). You can add a dab of a property household glue (e.g. UHU)  to make this permanent, please do bear in mind the explanation above.

Would I need any special tools to install my interVac?

A simple Leatherman tool can be used to install the GarageVac.

What is the warranty?

All Intervac manufactured GarageVac’s come with a 2 year power unit warranty and a full refurbishment service is available outside the warranty period. Tools and accessories are supplied with a 1 year warranty.

Can I vacuum up water?

No. GarageVac not designed as a wet/dry vacuum. This is due to the HEPA filtration, which wet/dry vacuums are unable to accommodate.

Do I have to install it vertically?

No, GarageVac is the most versatile vacuum cleaner you’ll ever own. It can be mounted horizontally or on its side as well as vertically

How does the GarageVac clean such a large area?

Each interVac is a self-contained unit with its own motor and dust bag. With a 40’ hose you can clean an area from about 900 to 1500 sq. ft., depending on the installation.

Where does the air discharge?

The air discharges from the bottom of the unit. With GarageVac’s high filtration system you can be assured that dirt will not be returned. Always check the filtration rating on ANY vacuum cleaner you purchase!

Why do you sell the stretch hose not a standard hose?

Each hose has its own merits. A standard vacuum hose is lighter weight but it is inconvenient to store. With the stretch hose, it is quick to connect, making it ideal for quick clean ups, and it shrinks to just 8’ so it is simple to store. If you need to change from the stretch hose to standard hose please contact us for advice.

How does the GarageVac vacuum cleaner compare with a standard upright or canister?

GarageVac units have more suction power than most of the standard vacuums in retail stores.

Is this an American made product?

All UK supplied GarageVac’s are made to European specification at our factory in Florida.
The units are not ‘re-worked’ 110v American specification units.
All UK supplied GarageVac’s are CE stamped and approved for sale/use in the EU.