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Horse and Animal Grooming Brush Set


EquineVac Horse and Animal grooming brush set.

1 x Body Brush – 1 x Curry Comb – 1 x Pin Comb

Custom fit for the GarageVac swivel nozzle.

Not sold separately please place a GarageVac in your shopping cart.

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The special grooming brushes are manufactured in Germany and are designed to fit securely and comfortably in the palm of your hand.

The 3 brushes supplied are: Body Brush which reaches down to the base of the hair coat and skin to extract dust while massaging the skin, resulting in a shiny, well-groomed horse.

A Pin-Comb (or Dandy Brush) designed to remove heavy mud and dried dirt.

A Currycomb not only massages, but also helps to remove loose hair.

Also included is our unique 12 meter / 40 foot stretch hose, adjustable telescoping aluminium wand, wand wall holder, crevice tool, dust brush, upholstery tool with removable stiff bristle head (ideal for rug cleaning) and soft brush tool for tack cleaning.

All neatly stored inside the top hose holder, along with 2 genuine InterVac replacement HEPA Certified 3 stage filter dust bags, to trap all those nasty bugs!

The unique stretch hose shrinks from 12 meters / 40 foot to just 1.2 meters / 8 foot for easy storage and the one piece telescoping aluminium wand prevents cracking or rusting while the adjustable feature prevents back and muscle pain.

Note that the special grooming tools need to be stored separately as they are too large for the integral storage unit.

The EquineVac can be easily moved from tack room to horse box allowing you to continue using it at Shows for immaculate presentation of your horse. Please note that mains electricity, generator or suitable voltage inverter (1800 watts is recommended) will be needed.

Link to the EquineVac YouTube video